China 2021: toward a new economic model? By Professor Guo Yan 郭研

May 2, 2021


we cordially invite you to the lecture 
China 2021: toward new economic model?


By Professor Guo Yan 郭研
 School of Economics, Peking University

Sunday, May 23, 15:30-17:00
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Chair: Professor Yishay Yafeh, Hebrew University



China’s 14th Five-Year Plan adopted in March 2021 starts with the promise to improve the institutional mechanism of science and technology innovation. It furthermore promises to expand domestic market and create new demand with innovation-driven, high-quality supply. My talk will focus on the institutional aspects of China’s new policies. How does the system of centralized personnel control combined with decentralized economic development impacts innovation and competition among regional governments? How do government innovation policies influence the firms’ innovation activities and productivity? And what is the institutional mechanism that influences the inter- provincial trade? I shall furthermore explore how the big data of road transportation illustrates complexities of China’s inter-provincial trade and the challenges behind bolstering domestic demand.

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