Alexandre Schiele

Dr. Alexandre Schiele

Frieberg Post-Doctoral Fellow, 2021-2022

After a Ph.D. in Communication science (Sorbonne Paris Cité, 2017) and another in Political science (University of Quebec at Montreal, 2018), Alexandre Schiele pursued postdoctoral research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His research follows two complementary directions. On the one hand, he investigates the thought and practice of the successive Chinese generations of leadership in the realm of foreign relations from the comparative perspective of historical Chinese and Western politics. On the other hand, he analyzes the foreign media coverage of Chinese politics, with a particularly focus on interpretation models and their evolution overtime, and how they inform the public perception of China. Among his publications, of note are: Étude du dispositif du Monde diplomatique : la couverture de l’évolution de la conjoncture chinoise entre 1975 et 1992 (2018) (Analysis of the Dispositif of the Monde diplomatique : the Coverage of the Evolution of the Chinese Conjuncture between 1975-1992), and China’s International Attitude of Withdrawal during the 19th Century (2015). Forthcoming 2022 is The Book of Lord Shang, Rational-Legal Authority and Totalitarianism Compared in Pines, Y, and GOLDIN, P. (Eds), The Dao Companion to China’s fa traditions: The Philosophy of Governance by Impartial Standards (Springer).