Noam Kochavi

Dr. Noam Kochavi

Lecturer, Department of International Relations
noam kochavi



PhD (1999) - University of Toronto



  • 15 March 1999 - Ph.D. awarded, University of Toronto
  • 1992-1998 - Doctoral candidate at the University of Toronto's, Department of History. Dissertation topic  - “A Conflict Perpetuated: China Policy During the Kennedy Years”, Instructor - Professor Ronald W. Pruessen. 
    On March 1994, completed comprehensive doctoral examinations. Major field - American History, 1877 to Present, with an emphasis on Diplomatic History (Prof. Pruessen). Minor fields - International Relations (Prof. Wark) and Modern Chinese History (Prof. Brook).
  • 1991 - M.A. (Cum Laude), Hebrew University of Jerusalem, International Relations department, with speciality in East Asia. Master's thesis - "The Rise and Fall of an Heir: Hu Yaobang and the Chinese Political System, 1977-1987". (Instructors: Prof. Ellis Joffe; Prof. Y. Shichor). (Grade: A+).
  • 1986 - B.A. (Cum Laude), Hebrew University of Jerusalem, International Relations department.


Work Experience

  • 2001 - Lecturer, International Relations Department, Hebrew University.
  • 2001 - Teaching the course “Decisionmaking in American Foreign Policy” (Hebrew University).
  • ‏2000 - Teaching the course “China in World Affairs” (Tel Aviv University College)
  • 1998-1999 - Teaching the course “American Foreign Policy During the Kennedy Years” (Hebrew University).
  • 1994 - Teaching assistant in the course "The United States Between the Wars, 1918-1941" (Prof. Pruessen). Research assistant for Prof. Pruessen.
  • 1993 -  Teaching assistant in the course "American History, 1607 to Present" (Prof. Ingham, Prof. Wayne).
  • 1989-1992 - Research officer in the International Relations field, Israeli Civil Service.
  • 1986-1989 - Teaching assistant at the Hebrew University in the courses: "International Relations, 1870-1939" (Prof. Bialer); "Communist China's Diplomatic History" (Prof. Joffe); "Politics and Development in Communist China" (Prof. Joffe).


Prizes and Awards

  • 2006 - Visiting Scholar, George Washington University.
  • 2005-2006 - Leonard Davis Fellowship.
  • 2004 - Fulbright fellowship, Fulbright American Studies Institute administered jointly by the U.S. Department of State and the University of South Carolina.
  • 2002 - Golda Meir fellowship (Hebrew University).
  • 1999-2000 - Lady Davis Post-Doctoral Fellowship (Hebrew University).
  • 1998 - Leonard Davis Fellowship (Hebrew University).
  • 1996 - University of Toronto Travel Grant to the Conference “The Cold War in Asia” (Hong Kong).
  • 1996 - University of Toronto Open Fellowship.
  • 1995 - Curiel Centre for International Studies (Tel-Aviv U.) Scholarship.
  • 1994 - Ontario Graduate Scholarship.
  • 1993 - The Paolo Baonio Brochierri prize. Given by the Italian Friends of the Hebrew University for an outstanding thesis covering East Asian topics.
  • 1993 - University of Toronto Open Fellowship.
  • 1993 - University of Toronto Differential Fee Waiver.
  • 1992 - University of Toronto Open Fellowship.
  • 1985 - Dean's prize, the Hebrew University's Faculty of Humanities.



List of Publications



A Conflict Perpetuated: China Policy During the Kennedy Years(Westport, CT: Praeger, 2002. International History series edited by Erik Goldstein, William R. Keylor, and Cathal J. Nolan, Boston University). (277 pages).

Special Journal Issue Edited

  • "Détente and its Legacy," (special issue guest editor, with introduction), Cold War History (Forthcoming 2008).


Refereed Articles

  • “Mist Across the Bamboo Curtain: China’s Internal Crisis and the American Intelligence Process, 1961-1962,” Journal of American-East Asian Relations Vol. 5, No.2 (Summer 1996), 135-155.
  • “Kennedy, China, and the Tragedy of No Chance,” Journal of American-East Asian Relations Vol. 7, No. 1-2   (Spring-Summer 1998), 107-116.
  • “From Puzzled Prudence to Bold Experimentation: Washington’s View of the Sino-Soviet Split, 1961-1963,” Intelligence and National Security Vol. 15, No. 1 (Spring 2000), 50-79.
  • “Limited Accommodation, Perpetuated Conflict: Kennedy, China, and the Laos Crisis” Diplomatic History 26:1 (Winter 2002): 95-135.
  • “Insights Abandoned, Flexibility Lost: Kissinger, Soviet Jewish Emigration, and the Demise of Détente,” Diplomatic History 29:3 (June 2005): 503-530.
  • “Hidden-Hand Idealpolitik: Israel, Soviet Jewish Emigration, and the Nixon Administration, 1969-1974” International History Review (Accepted for Publication, August 2006. 14,000 words).


Book chapter

  • "Opportunities Lost? Kennedy, China and Vietnam," in Priscilla Roberts, ed., Behind the Bamboo Curtain: China, Vietnam, and the World Beyond Asia (Washington, D.C: Stanford University Press and Woodrow Wilson press, 2006), 127-151.


Article Under Review

  • “Joining the Conservative Brotherhood: Israel, President Nixon, and the Political Consolidation of the Special Relationship, 1969-1973” (15,600 words)


Book Reviews

  • Fredrik Logevall, Choosing War, Canadian Journal of History, December 2000.
  • John Kenneth Galbraith, Letters to Kennedy (Cambridge: Harvard U. Press, 1998), University of Toronto Quarterly Vol.69:1 (Winter 1999/2000), 319-321.


Presentations at International Conferences

  • 1997 - The United States, Germany and “Other Areas”, Bochum University, Germany (Joint project by the University of Toronto, the University of Texas, and Bochum University).
  • 2000 - China and the Vietnam Wars (Conference organized by the Cold War International History Project).
  • 2002 - “The Kennedy Administration’s China Policy Legacy”, workshop on the U.S.-China opening, George Washington University.
  • 2003 - “Insights Abandoned, Flexibility Lost: Kissinger, Soviet Jewish Emigration, and the demise of détente”, SHAFR annual conference, George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
  • 2005 - "Hidden-Hand Idealpolitik: Israel, Soviet Jewish Emigration, and the Nixon Administration, 1969-1974", New Perspectives on Détente, Hebrew University.


Other Related Experience

  • Peer Reviewer for the JOURNAL OF AMERICAN HISTORY (2004), DIPLOMATIC HISTORY (2005) and COLD WAR HISTORY (2006). Manuscript Reviewer for ROUTLEDGE HOUSE (2005).
  • Conference organizer: New Perspectives on Détente (Hebrew University). Truman and the birth of Israel (for the Truman institute's 60th anniversary, 2008, Hebrew University). 


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