Richard Hardiman

Dr. Richard Hardiman

Affiliated Researcher, Department of Asian Studies

Dr. Richard Hardiman has been working and living in China for over 25 years since 1986 and is fluent in Chinese. He was educated in the UK and gained a PhD in Water and Environmental Chemistry at the Hebrew University in Israel in 1983. Since then he has been a consultant for a wide range of environmental and development projects primarily in China for various agencies: World Bank, Asian Development Bank, UNDP, FAO, IFAD, AUSAID and European Union. He has travelled extensively throughout China and had professional involvement in all of China’s 31+ 1 provinces at both provincial and local grassroots level including remote areas of Tibet and the Loess Plateau region of China where he lived in villages for over 5 years. He recently advised the Chinese Ministry of Environment under an Environmental Governance Programme. He also provides post-graduate and graduate courses at the Hebrew University on: China, the environment, civil society and its impact upon the global environment. His current focus is on China’s resource management, its environmental policy and implementation. And ultimately China’s impact upon global resources and environment.